For the exceptional virgin olive oil Miterra of Minoan Gaia, we wanted our design to reflect and justify its given name of “Miterra γή” (“Mother Earth”).

Therefore, after a great deal of research into the abundantly rich subject of the Minoan civilization, we decided upon the use of a lesser known theme in the pre-historic Cretan era.

It is a very simple but uniquely symbolic theme that adorns a small ceramic vase found in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.  Its decoration is simple but completely schematic with three figures of women in motion.  It is believed to represent a ritual dance with the Goddess-Mother Earth at the centre, accompanied on either side by two priestesses.  However, if one adopts a different perspective one can easily and clearly see three drops of oil.

The partner product of the company, MINOAN GAIA was inspired by the representation of the beautiful Minoan young woman, on a mural from 4000 years ago.  She wears a symbolic olive wreath on her head as a decorative piece.


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