We are a creative agency located in Heraklion, Crete.

L & O Advertising

The Lamda & Omikron Advertising agency is an established advertising
agency with a successful operation of more than 30 years.


Its main area of activity is the design and the implementation of a full-range of company and product campaigns with specialized services in the area of strategy above / below the line, on line, as well as public affairs in companies and organizations related to the private and public spheres.

Our Clients

Its clients include some of the largest businesses in the industrial, tourism and manufacturing sectors.


The Lamda & Omikron Advertising agency is based on the idea that the
clients’ demands and outstanding design can go hand in hand.

We offer solutions from all perspectives. From the production and montage of videos and design of your products, as well as development services and digital marketing.

  • Μινωικές Γραμμές ΑΕ
  • Ένωση Αγρ. Συν. Ηρακλείου
  • Βότομος ΑΕ
  • Ξενικάκης ΑΕ
  • Φαιστός ΑΕ
  • Servin Kritis AE
  • Creta Farm AE
  • Καράτζης ΑΕ
  • Κατσανέβας ΑΕΒΕ
  • Καλαμπόκης ΑΕ
  • Δομική Κρήτης ΑΕ
  • Λυραράκης α.ε.
  • Μηχανοτεχνική ΑΕ
  • Οργανισμός Ανάπτ. Ανατ. Κρήτης
  • Ι. Σταματάκης & Υιοι
  • Magazine Ο.Ε.

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